About the blog:

My greatest desire for this blog is to teach young women how we should be living as a Christian in a counter-Christian culture, especially in the areas of modesty and femininity. I want to give you biblical encouragement and instruction to enable you to stand for the things which God teaches us in His Word. It isn’t easy, but it is important, and as popular culture moves ever further away from God’s Word, it is vital that we shine as lights in this world, and make it clear that we are Christians and what it means to be one. I’m not writing this blog because I think I am right and others are wrong: I have a passion for these things and desire that through my writing God might be glorified.

I definitely don’t claim to know everything – I’m learning every day – but I welcome your questions, struggles and feedback. Let me know if there is something you would like me to cover on the blog; you are quite likely not the only one out there with your question!

About me:

I’m Hannah Woodhams, I’m 26, and I am the eldest of 11 children. My six brothers, four sisters and I live in south-east England, although two of them are now married and have moved away from home.

I have been privileged to always work in a Christian environment: after leaving sixth form college and intending to work for a year before going to university, I ended up working in a care home for 4.5 years and was then led to work in a completely different job, in Sales and Grants, at the Trinitarian Bible Society (www.tbsbibles.org). I never set out to work in Christian places on principle, but that is the way that the Lord has led me, and there are so many benefits, which I try not to take for granted. Having said that, I realise that I might be a bit sheltered to the realities of the secular workplace, but I try not to have a blinkered view.

I love many little things: garden flowers, cups of coffee and a good heart-to-heart, books, music, and being creative. Time doesn’t allow for these things in big doses, but I savour the moments when they come along!

Most importantly, I am a sinner saved by grace. The Lord worked in my life over a few years, taught me my sinnership and need of a Saviour, and brought me to trust in Him for salvation in 2016.